Traditional materials are entrusted annually to different designers for a REWORK activity, in which each designer is called upon to rework the glass materials in order to create new graphic and chromatic compositions.

Freckles | design Studio Irvine

Freckles is the expression of a random and apparently irregular composition: small colored fragments set on a monochrome background that emphasize the modularity of the mosaic. A slight rotation of the chip generates a random effect.

A-maze | design Studio Irvine

The research for A-Maze starts from the ancient Roman decorations; a composition of tiles rich in history that allows both regular and random installation depending on the desired effect, creating real visual labyrinths.

Confetti | design Massimo Nadalini

Confetti was born from the designer's desire to play with the richness of color range and the materiality of the mosaic, starting from natural chromatic bases and imagining to insert colored segments. CONFETTI consists of 4 sheets in which these colorful design segments have different shapes and colors. The random installation of the sheets generates an apparently accidental pattern, which is the result of an organized chaos of 4 sheets and their composition.